Sustainable Wales Frock Swap

Event date: 
15 May 2013
Venue: SUSSED, Porthcawl
Fasionistas take note. The Green Room above SUSSED, 4-5 James St, Porthcawl, will be host to people of ages looking to give their wardrobes a fresh look, as we invite people to bring their quality tops, skirts, dresses, shoes, bags etc. in the hope they can find that little black number they’ve been looking for, in return.
For those looking to free up a little space in their closet, we would hugely grateful to any donations of clothes to the cause.
Need to get rid of some closet space? Found you may have purchased something you would never wear? Then this is the event for you.
Rules of Frock Swapping
  • Participants should bring at least one loved item (clothing/accessories).
  • Items must be of a decent quality. 
  • Items swapped must be of close value. 
  • An entry fee of £3.00 must be paid before you can start rummaging. (Proceeds to Sustainable Wales charity) 

All proceeds go to Sustainable Wales

For more information, call 01656 783962 or visit www.sustainablewales.org.uk